Review #1 of Bath Items by Mrs. Agnes and Mr. Agnes

I’m apologizing in advance for my ridiculously long sentences and poor grammar!!!!! Since this is a blog, I won’t be going over most, if not all, blog posts with multiple rewrites, drafts, spell and grammar checks. Though if you see an error and it’s really bothering you and/or you want to tell me, please let me know! I will not be offended and I will fix it if I can. I’m always open to criticism, critiques and grammar/spelling/fact corrections!

I met Jacqueline of Tubbilicious through a BNS Team we are both members of (I met Shelley of ZENfulworld, whose bath stuff my husband and I will also be doing reviews of, the same way. Review #2 will be of one of her bath bombs). It wasn’t that long ago that I met Jacqueline, but I have already bought quite a decent amount of bath stuff from her. This last order was a bit different from my usual orders from Tubbilicious, in that I bought the bath bombs and minis in pairs(Jacqueline also included a special and extremely thoughtful surprise gift. She made me a special bath bomb in honor of my going on my Honeymoon. I didn’t get to use it on my Honeymoon, so I am saving it for a day when I need a really big pick-me-up, something to help me smile and relax and remember that there are thoughtful, wonderful people in the world out there) so I have two of each scent/type. My husband also loves to take baths so I came up with the idea of us both reviewing the same bath bombs. I thought it would be fun as I can’t remember the last time I came across a review for a bath item that came from a man. I will be doing the same with the bath bombs I most recently got from Shelley of ZENfulworld, as I also ordered two of each from her.

Sorry for the horrible photos, but this was all rather spur of the moment. For the next review I hopefully won’t have already ruined the packaging before I take the photo!

Tubbilicious' Mediterranean Garden Spa Bath Bomb

Tubbilicious’ Mediterranean Garden Spa Bath Bomb

I decided that our first review would be of the Mediterranean Garden Spa Bath Bombs. It’s a scent I have ordered before (which is why I got multiple this time!) so I already knew that it was something I liked (I’m not cheating if I make the rules and I say I’m not cheating! …Right?). My husband had never used it before.

On to the review!

Husband’s Review First (He likes to take his baths right before dinner. I like to take mine right before I go to bed.)

This is paraphrasing what my husband said, as unfortunately while he was in the bath, telling me what he thought, I spent most of that time trying to find a pen that worked. I have to write everything down. My memory is awful. So I had him tell me what he thought again, which he did, but rather quickly! So I could only write down key words and phrases. So while I’m writing this review as him, and I did not make anything up or adding any good things and taking away bad things, he didn’t say it to me exactly like this.

‘It dissolves easily and doesn’t leave any uncomfortable grains on the bottom. It has a light and pleasant scent with a talc undercurrent/note that I really liked (which is funny because I really dislike, possibly hate, the smell of talcum powder and to me, this scent doesn’t have even a slight note of it at all. If any of you readers out there try it, I’d really, really, really like to know if you think it does or doesn’t. Thank you!). It’s generous with the oils in a good way. I found it really soothing.’

I didn’t hear him complaining about any bad or uncomfortable residue left on his skin after the bath, which is also a good thing (he’s generally not one to suffer in silence). In the past with some bath bombs, after the bath, he has then had to rinse off the oils because he didn’t like they felt when he got out of the bath. I really do mean rinse off. He’d get out of the bath, decide he didn’t like how it felt, and step into the shower.

When ever I try out a new recipe, or find a new show online for us to watch during dinner or a new bath item, I always ask him, “Is it a keeper?”, meaning should I save the recipe to make again some day, will we watch another episode of the show, should I order more of that particular bath item, etc. He said, “It’s a keeper!”. Well it would be if it weren’t dissolved and down the drain. So a… keeper-on-buying?

Yeah, I really did go there. I’ll try to spare you all and keep that kind of thing to a minimum… Maybe. If I can help myself. So… probably not. At all. I’m sorry!

Now It Is My Turn!

Tubbilicious' Mediterranean Garden Spa Bath Bomb on the ledge of my bathtub, along with some other bath items.

As I mentioned before, I have used a bath bomb in this scent before and really liked it, hence why I bought it again in multiple regular sized bath bombs and mini bath bombs. In the past, I actually ordered two of Jacqueline’s Build-Your-Own-Bath-Bombs in the Mediterranean Garden Spa scent. I bought one for myself and one for my mother who is ill. Her’s had a nifty little ‘Get Well’ note that came out of it when it dissolved and mine had a little flower bead (DOUBLE CHECK WITH JACQUELINE). It was really cool as i’ve never had a bath bomb that did something like that before!

I actually reviewed this bath bomb/took this bath a couple of days ago, so don’t be confused by the following, which is in the present tense. On to my review!

Filling up the tub with Tubbilicious' Mediterranean Garden Spa Bath Bomb

Tubbilicious' Mediterranen Garden Spa Bath Bomb in my tub

‘Tonight as I was soaking in the tub with Jackie’s Mediterranean Garden Spa Bath Bomb and reading (both my husband and I are tub readers. One of the reasons why bath items are so important to us, as we both take long baths which can be really trying on your skin!) my book du jour, The Golden Empire: Spain, Charles V, and the Creation of America by Hugh Thomas (which I’m thoroughly enjoying, though the list of names, birth places, places owned, titles, relatives, etc., can get a little bible-esque at times, though to be fair, I have yet to see the word begat. Yet.). Why am I telling you something so specific and non-bath bomb related as to the title of the book I’m reading? Because I will also be writing book reviews in this blog. Not Etsy related, but I love books so any blog of mine, regardless of theme, is going to have something to do with books!

To me the scent is medium in strength and very earthy. I don’t know if it’s because I’m reading about Conquistadors in the Americas, most definitely not related at all to the Mediterranean, but the scent to me doesn’t evoke the Mediterranean, or what I would imagine a Mediterranean scent to be, as I have sadly never been there. I can’t exactly pin point what the scent evokes to me or makes me imagine, but again, that could be because of the book.

The bath bomb is earthy with a hint of flowers, which names are currently escaping me, though I can recognize for sure at least one of the scents. The bath bomb has made the water velvety in texture. very luxurious. I could stay in this for hours.

(Time has passed since I was in the tub.)

I’ve been out of the bath for… an hour? And I can still smell the bath bomb on my hands, which feel smooth, a rare occurrence for me. I have extremely dry skin on my hands that sometimes cracks and bleeds, it’s that bad. It’s a very comfortable scent (no talc under notes, my husband is mad I tell you!). I’m glad I got the bath bomb again. I will definitely be buying even more Mediterranean Garden Spa bath bombs in the future. Please forgive my awkward wording as it is now 2:30am. I am now going to try to go to sleep. Hopefully it will be easy as I do feel thoroughly relaxed now after that bath!’

End of Review.

I’m sorry I couldn’t post the review the actual day/night that my husband and I took the baths with the bath bomb! I’ve been super duper busy and am very new to Word Press and trying to figure everything out.

Coming up in future posts, the Agnes’ Newsletter’s first ever feature/spotlight/article, which will be about Etsy Shop Beau’s Bits and Bobs owner, the very sweet and patient Patricia. Mrs. Agnes and Mr. Agnes reviews of bath items from ZENfulworld and Tubbilicious. Bits of historical and personal information about some of the vintage postcards and stamps I will be listing in my shop. Treasuries (I hope I can figure out the Etsy WordPress widget stuff, maybe one of you could help? Pretty pweaze? *bats eyelashes furiously*). From now on, I will be posting about everything I buy on Etsy, whether it’s just a picture, a sentence, a picture and a sentence or a pages long review. Book, movie, theater, restaurant, museum, music and TV show reviews. My own recipes and my adventures in the kitchen (did she or did she not, burn her apartment down today?). Random musings. Photos. Etc.

Comments, critiques, corrections, questions and requests always welcome!

The End.

(P.S. I mean it, do you think Jackie’ Mediterranean Garden Spa has talc notes in it? Who is right, me or my husband? I must know!!!!!)


11 thoughts on “Review #1 of Bath Items by Mrs. Agnes and Mr. Agnes

  1. As the “INVENTOR” lol..of this bath bomb here is the actual description of the oil I used… BUT remember, we ( meaning my little elf) ALWAYS spruce everything with essential oils so the scent may vary from the regular oil..Crisp bergamot and clean fresh air blends with green foliages of euphorbias, Russian olive, rosemary and Artemisia with gentle hints of wild violets, salvia, lavendula augustifolia, and pink verbena. All of this on a rich, earthy base of green oaks, acacia, palms and aloe. Truly a “high end” spa fragrance…….NOW UPDATE ON “POWDER SCENT” I had to ask my favorite sniffer, that’s my 19 yr old Kyle, he replied with YES, it has a powdery undertone ……I don’t agree really …SO… that’s not much help……….. I notice an “aloe” note …Hmmmm ????

    • Thank you for this!!!!!!!!

      It’s pretty amazing how everyone smells the same thing differently! I really don’t get that talc-y scent at all!!!!! I still have some of the Mediterranean samples left. Next time I use one, I’m going to take extra care to note what I can smell, then I’ll come back here and tell you again. I hope it doesn’t annoy you, lol. I just find doing this fun and again, it really does interest me, people smelling different things, etc.

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