A Rainbow in Medford


A Rainbow in Medford

Taken two days ago, a little before 6pm in the evening.


World Food & History Journaling Project

I’ve decided that I’m going to do a World Food & History journaling project. I’m going to be cooking food from, and reading books about, the current sovereign nations of the world. I’m doing them in alphabetical order, starting with Afghanistan. I’ll be posting journal entries about the project as I go along.

I’ve already started on Afghanistan, so a post will be coming about that shortly (for dinner tonight I made Aush-E-Ali from Afghan Food & Cookery: Noshe Djan by Helen Saberi).


Books that I have finished this year, will come after a number. Books I started reading, but didn’t finish, will come after a symbol (8, #, ?, !, etc.). My goal for this year is to have finished 31 books by Dec. 31st, 2014. My goal last year was 52. I think I finished… 18? So 31 it is!

BOOKS 2013

0.5 Margaret Beaufort: Mother of the Tudor Dynasty by Elizabeth Norton. I read the first half of this book in 2012 which is why I numbered it 0.5. Felt guilty giving it a whole number.

Margaret Beaufort is a very interesting person and it was nice to read a book where she was the main subject. The writing was decent and at times it felt like I got a glimpse of Margaret’s personality. For such a short book, there were way too many quotes and passages and paragraphs and pages from original source material. I understand that it is important, even nice, to see someone’s thoughts in their own words, but it shouldn’t take up half of the pages in someone else’s book. I couldn’t tell if it made the author and/or editor come off as lazy, too zealous, rushed or all of the above and possibly more. It also made it confusing as to what type of book this is supposed to be. I don’t know what the intended audience is supposed to be.

I just started reading Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses by Sarah Gristwood. Margaret is one of the seven or so women that this book is about. I don’t normally read two similar books back to back like this, but I’m curious. Maybe it’s something I’ll start doing more often or never again.

First Post!

I’ve decided to start posting reviews, and sometime just pictures or non-review posts, of things I buy on Etsy here.  I will still also be doing what I originally intended this blog to be for, my random musings on postcards and history, and things pertaining to my new endeavor, Agnes’ Newsletter.